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Russia Beyond
Remember Scrooge McDuck, who literally loved to swim in gold? It would be tempting to feel what it’s like to stand in a giant safe surrounded by precious metals…

Well, you can experience that at the Krasnoyarsk company ‘Krastsvetmet’, where precious metals are refined – they are cleaned of impurities and become ingots (bars), granules or powders.

The company works with all precious metals, so that in addition to gold, silver and platinum familiar to all of us, you can see such “exotic” (for the average person) metals as palladium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium, and rhodium.

By the way, after our tour of ‘Krastsvetmet’, we realized that, in addition to water, fire and other people working, you can endlessly watch three things: how silver is cast, how chains are woven from gold and how the word ‘Russia’ is minted on precious metal ingots.

How to hold a 12 kg gold bar?

✌️ There are two ways: buy one at a bank as a legal entity – with all the ensuing bureaucratic delays – or go on an excursion to ‘Krastsvetmet’. The second way is not only cheaper, but also more interesting!

🤩  If you’re lucky to come here on a tour, you’ll not only hold a gold bar in your hands, but also get the chance to admire the hypnotizing process of its casting. After that, you’ll be shown which types of jewelry chain weaving are the most difficult, why platinum is so important for medicine and whether modern scientific research is possible without precious metals.

ℹ️  Currently, because of the pandemic, only students from specialized universities can sign up for a tour. But, as soon as the epidemiological situation normalizes, we hope ‘Krastsvetmet’ will again open its doors to everyone!

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