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Kursk Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
The Kursk and Chernobyl nuclear power plants are a mirror image of one another, which is why movies about Chernobyl were filmed here.

This giant nuclear power plant is a must see for lovers of industrial tourism. It’s not easy to gain access to, but it’s worth it.

Until recently, the Kursk nuclear power plant was one of the most powerful in the country, along with the Leningrad and Balakovo nuclear power plants.

Soon, however, the power units of the Kursk nuclear power plant will be exhausted: the first of them has already been decommissioned at the end of 2021, and the shutdown of the latter is scheduled for 2030.

The construction of a new plant, Kursk-2, is already underway, the launch of which is scheduled for 2025-2029.

It’s unclear what will happen to the initial nuclear power plant after it’s fully decommissioned.

How to visit the nuclear power plant?

Only students, professors, and applicants of specialized universities, along with specialists and media representatives can take a tour around the nuclear plant’s territory. For that, you need to contact the press center (better do it via phone call, the nuclear plant’s contacts can be found on their official website) and submit an application. If you are not among the aforementioned types of visitors, try anyway. What if you get lucky?

On day X, don’t forget to take your ID and documents and prepare for a security check. Afterwards, all tourists will be taken to a locker room and given a special uniform. You change your clothes, leave your smartphone in your locker (after all, this is a closed facility – no photos or videos allowed) and then begin the excursion!

Drone flights over the plant’s territory are, of course, also forbidden. Alas, this is the case when the iron bird stays at home…

A nice bonus, though: the tour itself is free!

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