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Kirov Region

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Russia Beyond
Learn how one of the most famous products of Russian folk art is created: from sculpting and baking to the painstaking work of a craftswoman with a brush and gold leaves.

🐈‍⬛ Dymkovo toys take the form of bears, birds, hares, rams and many other animals, but… until recently, you wouldn’t see cats among them!

One of the principles for selecting characters for a toy is that they should be bright, kind and diurnal animals, associated with good features and endowed with positive properties. Therefore, you will not meet a night owl or an unsociable wolf in store windows.

Although cats were sculpted before with varying success, the appearance of the Dymkovo mustachioed striped cat toy became a novelty of the industry in 2018.

The history of the relationship between cats and Russians is long enough to become an integral part of the culture, especially since cats have already become online celebrities, along with other cute domestic animals.

Unfortunately, in 2021, we couldn’t spot any cat toys for sale, but we hope they’ll make a comeback soon!

How to paint a Dymkovo toy?

🚌 You can reach Kirov by plane or by train.

👀 The ‘Dymkovo toy: history and modernity’ museum is located almost in the city center and is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

🖌 You can admire the process of the toy painting and take part in it under the supervision of experienced craftswomen. Check with the museum administration about the possibility.

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