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Remember the feeling from childhood when you were entrusted, for the first time in your life, to go for a walk with your dog all by yourself? That mix of being responsible for holding your dog on a leash and, at the same time, being excited, knowing that your four-legged friend is dragging you on an adventure!

🐕 Do you want to feel that again? Then visit Gornaya Shoria for some dog trekking. There, by attaching tireless huskies to your special belt-leash, you can get around the whole Sheregesh! Getting to the ‘Camels’ granite rock-remnants or the wayside cross on Kurgan Mountain with assistants like these is a piece of cake.

🐾 Do you really think it’ll be a leisurely and boring walk? Ha! Ask for a fearless husky, who usually leads a racing team, and you’ll definitely be the first to reach all the peaks. It will be drastically different from a measured walk with a pet dog. Huskies are bred for many hours of racing and winning at all costs. These fluffy beasts don’t care what to conquer – be it tall snowdrifts, mountain streams or grass-covered boulders; they only care about going forward!

🌤 And having climbed up to the clouds, it’s prime time to replenish your energy with hot taiga tea. And don’t forget a treat for your brave partner!

🐶 Rested? It’s time to go back. The husky slows down; they know it’s harder to descend on two legs than on four legs. The dogs of this breed need only a couple of minutes to figure out what kind of person took the leash and they adapt to the pace of their human partner perfectly, no matter whether it’s a small child or an adult ready for a serious challenge.

How to go for a walk with a furry friend?

1️⃣ Find a dog trekking instructor. This can be done on the spot in Sheregesh itself on the eve of the walk. If you like to plan your adventures in advance, then look for posts on Instagram using the hashtag #догтрекингвшерегеше to meet your guide online.

2️⃣ Choose comfortable, waterproof clothing with long sleeves and tall boots. Sandals and especially flip-flops are a big no-no in the mountains.

3️⃣ Use sunscreen in summer and winter alike. The trek will captivate you so much that you’ll miss the moment you got sun burnt.

4️⃣ Put some self-heating insoles in your backpack. In winter, they’ll keep your feet warm and, in summer, they’ll help dry up your shoes if you step into a stream or puddle.

5️⃣ After meeting your four-legged companion, be sure to ask your instructor:

  • how to fasten the belt
  • if you need to hold the leash in your hand
  • what to do if the dog pulls hard forward
  • how to hook the carabiner on the harness when descending

6️⃣ Maintain a pace that is comfortable for you. Your instructor will trail behind the last person in line in any case. Even if you lag behind, don’t worry: the husky knows the route perfectly and will lead you to the right place.

😍 And remember: huskies in Sheregesh are extremely addictive!

Not just a ski resort

🌄 When you say “Sheregesh”, you usually mean the joy of winter sports: skiing and snowboarding. At least, that was the case before… Now you can visit this mountainous region in every season. Take the belt, fasten your husky and go:

admire the primroses in spring 🌷

cross alpine meadows in summer 🍀

pick mushrooms and berries in fall 🍓

jump over fluffy snowdrifts in winter ❄️

🌲 The local nature leaves no one indifferent. Don’t believe us? Then ask to be taken to Mount Zelyonaya (or Karitshal) – a place of worship of the Shorian shamans – and see for yourself 😍 🐾

🙏 The Russia Beyond editorial team thanks Maya Luzyanina, winner of the Russian Cup in sleddog sports, for assistance with filming and sends its kindest regards to Alfa, Ford, Volchi and Navigator.

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