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Tyumen Region

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Russia Beyond
What do Tyumen residents do in the winter? They go for a swim! And not just into the ice hole, as you might think, but into thermal springs.

You run out into the snowy street in your bathrobe, throw it off and - jump into the hot mineral water!

Sometimes you don’t even have to leave Tyumen for this: one of the largest spa complexes called ‘Leto-Leto’ is located right in the city. By the way, there is also an indoor area with water slides, an artificial wave and a large bathing area.

If you want to celebrate a beautiful sunset surrounded by century-old pines, then just a 20-minute drive from the city, more than 15 equipped open-air thermal springs are at your service. We really liked the Verkhny Bor (“Upper Bore”), where you can walk along the shore of a picturesque lake and in ‘Avan’ with its cascade of three pools of different temperatures.

How to be boiled in springs?

1️⃣ Pick a spa you want to go to. They differ not only in price, but also in water temperature (+36⁰C to +48⁰C) and its salinity. All information can be found on the official sites of the complexes.

2️⃣ Don’t forget your swimming suit and/or trunks. The rest of the accessories of a thermal swimmer: hat, towel, flip-flops and bathrobe - can almost always be rented or bought on the spot.

3️⃣ Don’t overeat! This is, after all, a medical procedure. Swimming with a full stomach in forty-degree water is probably something you will not enjoy.

4️⃣ Take a shower before swimming. But after bathing in the spring rinse off the mineral water in many cases is not recommended: let your skin get all the benefits of the once relic West Siberian Sea.

5️⃣ The recommended time to stay in the pool with mineral water is 20 minutes. Longer than that is difficult for your heart.


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