Renounce the worldly bustle

Tver Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Leave the city for a couple of days, rent a cozy house in the Tver village or a hotel room for pilgrims and enjoy walks through the cozy territory of the Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert.

To take a break from everything superfluous and boring, relieve emotional stress and maybe even learn something new about the world and about yourself - a mini-vacation can be like that!

By the way, the Nilo-Stolbenskaya hermitage is home to an incredible number of cats that win the hearts of visitors and pilgrims. According to one of the recent “censuses” of the cat population, there are more than a hundred!

One has only to turn one’s head - one will immediately notice a fluffy companion, gracefully moving its paws at a distance. These mustachioed-stripes will accompany you at almost every step, either intently studying you or trying to brazenly draw attention to themselves.

How to renounce worldly fuss?

You can get to the Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert from Moscow by car, bus or even by boat (in the warm season).

You can stay for a few days in the monastery itself, in a hotel for pilgrims or in hotels and guest houses that are located in the villages nearby.

And then, choose for yourself - the monastery is really big: enjoy the views of Lake Seliger, attend a service, try homemade dishes cooked with love in the refectory or explore the territory of the desert!

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