Head to the horizon

Adygea (Republic)

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
The sun is already high in the sky and the Lago-Naki plateau is illuminated with a bright yellow light. It’s time to hit the road: leave the tent and go in different directions to experience as many things as possible!

Climb up and down through the cascade of noisy and clear Rufabgo waterfalls. Walk along the thin, winding roads rushing either into the groves or the mountains. Jump across wild and cold rivers. And return to Lago-Naki to breathe in the air of endless expanses, peek into the chasms of the Stone Sea and run to the cherished meeting point.

Separate only to see each other again later and, over a mug of hot tea, under the setting sun over the mountain Oshten, tell each other everything that was encountered along the way.

How to head towards the horizon?

- The Lago-Naki Plateau is located on the territory of the Caucasus Nature Reserve in the Republic of Adygea. The easiest way to get there is to travel from Maykop.

- You will definitely see the Rufabgo waterfalls on your way to the plateau; we strongly advise you to pass through the cascades to the very top - it’s very beautiful there!

- It might seem that you can go down to the plateau from almost anywhere, but this is not the case. The most convenient way is the hiking route of the Caucasus Reserve, which leads directly to the foot of Mount Oshten and the ‘Instructor's Gap’ stop, where you can set up a tent if necessary;

- It will take a few hours to walk the 8-10 kilometers: there are so many natural sights around and the obsessive desire to turn away from the road and walk through endless meadows is sure to lead you astray;

- Don’t forget to follow the trail signs day and night. They are your faithful companions along the way.

- Be sure to take flashlights if you plan a long hike. You may have to return in the dark!

Why Lago-Naki?

There are several versions of where the toponym ‘Lago-Naki’ came from, but the most famous one goes back to a folk legend about a young shepherd boy named Lago and a princess named Naki. Having seen each other one day by the river, Lago and Naki fell in love - somewhere around there.

Every day, they met in the same place: the young man waited for the princess to meet him in secret from her father. And although their feelings were genuine, the young people knew that they were not destined to be together. A girl from a rich family had been ordered to marry a man of her status, whom her father would find, not a simple shepherd. And so it happened.

The girl did not appear for three days in her village; her fiancé and the wedding festivities were waiting for her in her native village. Under the cover of night, she fled to Lago and they walked all night until dawn, rushing toward the high snow-covered mountains.

At dawn, the princess’ father became angry and sent his loyal horsemen in pursuit of his daughter.

Hearing the clatter of hooves and facing a hopeless situation, they held hands and jumped off the cliff. The riders immediately stopped: they saw a bright flash and the soaring bodies of the lovers rushing into the clouds. This is how the plateau got its beautiful name - Lago-Naki.

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