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Russia Beyond
There are only a dozen village houses around, the guest house of the reserve, a pond and an endless green forest. A man slowly passes by on his bicycle, the old resident, Baba Tonya, friendly nods as she stands at the gate and the sun slowly approaches the horizon. Welcome to Chukhrai!

Less than a dozen inhabitants, twice as many houses and a single road leading down to the river: for us, as for many other visitors, the Chukhrai was a truly impressive find.

The raw diamond of eco-tourism, hidden in the hospitable forests of the local reserve, is very welcoming, despite its modest size, and the Bryansky Forest Reserve, surrounding the village, sets the mood. In undisturbed forests, plants and animals - the original inhabitants of these places - feel themselves truly comfortable and safe.

You leave the cabin and take the sandy path, walking leisurely to the grove, to the edge of the forest, and then back into the woods. The old trees creak, the warm wind whispers something to the leaves and the ever-present moss barely audibly sniffs the dew. Nothing and no one else, just nature and you.

Just a moment has passed by and you’ve already picked a basket full of red and blue berries! Once again: the meadow, the grove, the loose sand and familiar village houses. Behind them - rare friendly faces and small gardens. And then you realize that Chukhrai is a village reminiscent of childhood for those who are tired of adulthood and want to recover.

How to get a feel of the countryside?

The way to Chukhrai is not a short one, but it is not complicated:

🚌 First you need to get to Bryansk, the center of the region, and then by train to the Nerussa station or by private transport straight to the village of Chukhrai;

🏡 You can stay at the guest house of the Bryansky Forest Reserve by reserving it in advance;

💎 Be sure to visit the ‘Museum of Life’ in the village. Its hostess or her assistants will kindly show you around.

👮🏼‍♂️ You can enter the Bryansky Forest Reserve only with the consent of inspectors and under their supervision, but it’s for the best - it’s good to have an experienced guide on hand!

🍓 Look under your feet more often in the forest - you will find a lot of ripe and juicy blueberries and lingonberries in the summer and fall season!

❗️ Be polite and careful with the reserve and the village - so that people can enjoy these places after you have left!

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