Hone the skill of Gorodets painting

Nizhny Novgorod Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Ready to become a master? The small and cozy Gorodets (“little city”) - or Gorod Masterov (“the city of craftsmen”) - will welcome anybody wishing to get acquainted with old Russian craftsmanship.

Inside the terem, like in a fairy tale, everyone can try their hand at pottery, embroidery, doll making, bast weaving and work with leather, wood and metal. Gorodets painting is especially famous here: since the middle of the 19th century, local artists have been decorating a variety of household items with it.

These days, experienced craftsmen and craftswomen are ready to take you into the world of fine and painstaking work on products, tell you about the stories and directions of folk art and, after, they will definitely invite you to drink delicious herbal tea with gingerbread and sweets. Beware: after a spectacular reception with fresh gingerbread, soulful songs and a dizzying round dance, you can lose your head and find it very difficult not to wish to stay in the City of Masters and become a fulltime student!

How to hone your skills in Gorodets painting?  

🖌 First you need to get from Nizhny Novgorod to Gorodets itself, this can be done:

🚌 By bus from the Kanavinsky bus station. It is better to check the schedule on the website of the station the day before. The journey takes about two hours;

🚅 By electric train from Moskovsky railway station with a transfer to bus No. 101 in Zavolzhye: electric trains run several times a day and buses run every 20-30 minutes from 06:00 to 22:00; total travel time: about two hours;

🛥 By boat; in summer from the river station or stations for regular motor ships and high-speed vessels; schedules should be checked at the ticket sales points;

🚗 By car; the distance between cities is only 60-70 kilometers, so the journey should take no more than two hours;

🧐 When planning your trip, make sure to select the master class or excursion program that interests you most ahead of time. Don’t forget to ask the ‘Gorenka’ ensemble to organize a lavish reception for you and be sure to stay for a tea party.     

🌅 As a nice bonus at the end of the day, you can enjoy the magnificent Volga sunset, spreading its warmth over the wooden tower of the ‘City of Craftsmen’. 

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