Be boiled in a cauldron

Kaliningrad Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
A resort, a beach, and… a cauldron? Where did the cauldron come from? Currently, the beach in the small village of Yantarny attracts not only locals, but also the entire hipster bohemia of the country.

A beach vacation for those who do not like beaches? Welcome to Kaliningrad Region! There will be no scorching southern sun, high humidity or ubiquitous sellers of drinks and ice cream. Instead, you will enjoy the purest sand, grassy dunes, cool Baltic wind, calmness and serenity…

The cauldron on the beach suits the local nature - the harsh waters of the Baltic don’t suit hot corn, chebureks and beer. Here you will want to look at the raging wilderness and think about eternity to the sounds of fire crackling under the cauldron.

How to “boil” in a cauldron

🌊 Getting to Yantarny, but it’s worth it. Set aside at least half a day for travel. First, take a plane to Kaliningrad and, from there, either take a cab via rural roads for approx. 1.5k rubles or go to the city and take a bus to Yantarny for 150 rubles. Buses leave from Yuzhny bus station every hour from 6 am to 9 pm

🌊 In Yantarny, you can rent a separate house or a chalet, as well as a regular hotel room - there are options for every taste. The “Akvamarin’ hotel has a great view of the Baltic sunsets, while many private houses are close to the Sinyavinskoye Lake, where you can SUP surf.

🌊 Kaliningrad Region is rich in small, but very pleasant places for recreation: Svetlogorsk with Zelenogradsk and Baltiysk with the Curonian Spit.

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