See the Northern Lights

Murmansk Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
The solar wind waves one… two… three… Picture in the sky, freeze! That’s what you want to say when the sky above your head is filled with the lights of the Northern Lights. It will either flash, then go out, then take the form of a fantastic animal, then cover everything around with bizarre patterns, changing every second.

When you visit Murmansk, you tend to run out onto the street the same night, expecting to see the Northern Lights. But, according to Murphy’s law, you’ll get cloudy skies. And the same thing the following day. And the third day, as well. 

You wake up several times during the night and race to open the blinds to gaze at the sky, but all you see are the same clouds. At some point, you start to think that the clouds really are the “lights” that everyone is talking about - just weak. But those in the know will always tell you: you can’t confuse the radiance with anything. 

And how right they are when you finally see the Northern Lights with your own eyes! This is truly something unique and incredible, something that cannot be compared with anything else, something that remains forever in your memory. 

How to catch the Northern Lights

✨ You can see the Northern Lights in Murmansk Region from September to March, but the most powerful sky shows usually take place during the winter months. 

✨ For the greatest effect, a good background is key. The seashore near the famous fishing village of Teriberka is ideal: wrecked ships and rocky shores are a great “seasoning” for the cosmic green sky. 

✨ There are times when clouds will get in the way of a good show. To increase your chances of finding a clear night sky, head away from the sea towards Khibiny - a mountain ridge starting just beyond the city of Kirovsk. The mountains, like the sea, will enhance the already impressive spectacle.

✨ Book at least a week for a trip to see the Northern Lights to maximize the chance of good weather. There are also plenty of websites you can google to track the forecast of the Northern Lights and schedule a trip for when the Northern Lights will be the strongest. 

✨ If even a part of your trip is ruined by clouds, you can always take a walk across Murmansk or Kirovsk to pass the time. 

✨ And most importantly, remember: this is the North. It gets really cold during winters and even colder by the water. Take plenty of warm clothes, because sometimes you can spend a whole night in a snowdrift waiting for those flashes in the sky. Of course, you can always cheat and book a room in the Aurora Village hotel near Murmansk, where you can watch the Northern Lights right from your bed! 😉

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