Russian kids illustrate J.K.Rowling’s new book (PICS)

The famous creator of the Harry Potter universe has published another children’s book, The Ickabog. According to the author’s idea, the illustrations for the book should be made by kids. Here’s what children from Russia drew.

In November 2020 the world saw a new children’s book by J.K.Rowling, The Ickabog. The manuscript has been ready  for a long time but only this year did Rowling decide to publish it as a way to help people around the world survive the lockdown. So, she came up with a contest and suggested that publishers around the world include illustrations by local young readers. 

The Russian translation of The Ickabog was put together by publisher Azbuka Attikus, and during the summer it accepted art works by young readers from all over Russia, giving them book excerpts and lists of topics. More than 30 drawings by children aged 6-12 finally were included in the book. Here are some of them. 

1. King Fred the Fearless 

Sofya Volkiva, 12 years old, city of Yoshkar-Ola in the Mari El Republic

2. Daisy and a white gravestone she has been watching during the long evenings 

Nelli Alperovich, 12 years old, Rostov-on-Don

3. From the palace’s balcony, Lady Eslanda watching troops pass by 

Riana Yamalieva, 7 years old, city of Nizhnevartovsk in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Territory

4. King Fred, as he said, he saw the Ickabog monster 

Darya Meshkova, 10 years old, town of Pushkin near St. Petersburg

5. King Fred laying in bed scared by the Ickabog 

Evita Muchkinova, 9 years old, city of Elista in the Republic of Kalmykia

6. Lord Spittleworth who drinks wine all the time 

Yevdokia Obolenskaya, 11 years old, town of Ostrov in Pskov Region

7. Lady Eslanda goes down the secret spiral staircase 

Olesya Kashirina, 12 years old, city of Petrozavodsk in the Karelia Republic

8. Tax collectors have a black uniform with huge white eyes pictured on their backs 

Artem Avdeyev, 7 years old, Moscow

9. Ma Grunter wants to punch Berti the boy with her heavy crutch

Alisa Ostrovskaya, 11 years old, Moscow

10. Berti is hiding on the ground among beetroot leaves

Alisa Kurcheva, 11 years old, Novosibirsk 

11. Basher John attacks Daisy while Berti rescues her at the last moment 

Elena Yeremenko, 10 years old, Moscow 

12. Good monster Ickabog sitting in front of the fire 

Yekaterina Omelnitskaya, 12 years old, Orenburg 

13. Daisy and the monster watching the night sky 

Maya Matrosovich, 10 years old, St. Petersburg 

14. The Ickabog meets Daisy and a tear falls from his cheek 

Alina Zakharova, 12 years old, town of Arsha in Chelyabinsk Region 

15. Wedding day of Lady Eslanda and Goodfellow Prime Minister 

Uma Abdulazimova, 10 years old, city of Grozny in Chechen Republic

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