Meet the 25 ‘Miss Russia 2022’ finalists - and the winner! (PHOTOS)

Miss Russia 2022
Bioengineers, economists, future customs officers and business linguists all applied to become a hallmark of Russia! Now we know who the winner is!

More than 150,000 young women applied to become ‘Miss Russia 2022’. The final was held in Moscow on July 25 and saw 25 finalists compete against one another. First place went to 22-year-old student of St. Petersburg university Anna Linnikova, according to the organizing committee. In second place - Anna Budaeva from Chuvashia and in third – Daria Nemaeva from Khabarovsk Region. Let’s take a closer look at the finalist list of the most beautiful young women from the 85 regions of Russia!  

Anna Linnikova, 22 years old, Orenburg 

Anna was crowned ‘Miss Russia 2022’! She is a professional model who has worked with agencies in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Anna is interested in art and, in particular, in the high fashion industry. Now, she is working on her own brand of women’s clothing and has already released a summer collection. 

Violetta Saraeva, 20 years old, Ekaterinburg  

Violetta has the most versatile skills: She is a professional musician (piano class) and singer and has athletics, mountain skiing and shooting experience. She sees her future in public administration, so she is acquiring a specialized education. 

Anna Rybalko, 18 years old, Rostov-on-Don 

Anna just graduated from high school. Now, she is studying to become a journalist. Moreover, she has been developing her career as a professional model for a long time. Last year, Anna officially became the most beautiful woman in Rostov-on-Don. Her interests are reading and foreign languages. Recently, she organized her first charity fundraiser for children with disabilities.

Maria Kuznetsova, 18 years old, Ivanovo

Maria has also just finished school, but already has experience working abroad as a model. The girl considers herself very goal-oriented and an art lover: she is into literature, cinema, theater and guitar playing.

Anastasia Sofina, 19 years old, Chelyabinsk

Anastasia only looks fragile. In fact, she is a professional hand-to-hand fighter and has a couple of gold medals in her collection. Also, the native of the Urals is a professional model and student of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy.

Yana Galanina, 19 years old, Cheboksary

Yana is from a large family and has loved the attention of the cameras and worked with modeling agencies since she was eight years old. Yoga and swimming are other things she is most passionate about.

Olga Pynu, 19 years old, Tolyatti

Olga’s appearance, according to her, is not the only thing that draws attention to herself. Olga is a future specialist in economic security. She has a sharp mind and knows what it takes to overcome. 

Ekaterina Sokolova, 21 years old, Sverdlovsk Region

Ekaterina studies architecture engineering and, at the same time, is developing a small business – an eyelash studio. She dreams of one day opening her own studio abroad. In the meantime, she is in love with sup surfing, high heels dancing and modeling, of course.

Akulina Morozova, 19 years old, Moscow Region

Akulina is a former professional gymnast, so she has no equal in flexibility. She often makes twine and acrobatic elements at photo sessions. According to her, she likes reading and cooking as much as acrobatics.

Anna Atamanova, 18 years old, Nizhnekamsk  

This is not Anna’s first beauty contest: she has recently won the ‘Miss Kazan’ crown. The young blond studies English teaching and engages in SMM-marketing, as well. Now, she is upgrading her skills at university.

Anna Budaeva, 19 years old, Chuvash Republic

In addition to modeling, Anna studies multimedia application development, plays basketball and helps animal shelters as a volunteer. She became the ‘Miss Cheboksary’ in 2020 and the ‘Miss Chuvashia’ in 2022.

Valeria Belyaeva, 22 years old, Udmurt Republic 

Valeria is a student at the prestigious Higher School of Economics university in Moscow and interested in ecology, “green” technology and gender equality.

Valeria Valuiko, 23 years old, St. Petersburg

She is a welcome guest not only at photo shoots, but also at scientific conferences. Valeria is currently also getting her second higher education. She already has a diploma from the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University of Economics. Now she is involved in organizing educational events.

Diana Valiakina, 23 years old, Penza Region

Diana is an expert in advertising and public relations. She loves creativity: the young beauty already has an art school degree under her belt. Diana also dreams of traveling around the world and also creating her own clothing brand.

Polina Ivanova, 19 years old, Engels 

This lady with a charming smile is used to achieving her goals. Polina is a professional swimmer and has a diploma from an art school, as well as numerous victories in beauty contests. She wants to build a career not only in modeling, so she is also studying Economic Security.

Yana Krutitskikh, 18 years old, Emanjelinsk 

Yana won her first beauty pageant when she was eight years old: she became ‘Miss Charm 2010’. It’s true that she has a lot of charm, as well as creative abilities. Yana can sing, as well as having studied choreography and acting. After eight years of art school, she became a student at Chelyabinsk Institute of Culture.

Anna Semenovykh, 21 years old, Republic of Tatarstan 

At the age of 21, Anya is already a certified event manager and makeup artist. In addition to beauty contests, she is in love with ice hockey – she is even a host of a popular ice hockey TV show. 

Veronika Faerovich, 22 years old, Penza  

Veronica knows everything about hotels, because she has a diploma in hotel management and dreams of one day owning her own hotel business.

Daria Nemaeva, 19 years old, Khabarovsk Region

Daria is equally passionate about science and beauty. She currently studies bioengineering technology and, at the same time, also works as a stylist. She has a plan to combine her main passions into one – and create her own production of skin care cosmetics.

Elizaveta Mits, 19 years old, Primorsky Krai

Elizaveta is studying business linguistics and plans to become a specialist in intercultural communication. In the meantime, she hopes to continue being successful in beauty contests: in 2020, she became the most beautiful woman in Primorye.

Kristina Sakharova, 20 years old, Moscow 

Kristina dreams of having a house by the seaside, so she is already making steps towards that: studying the basics of advertising, marketing and brand development at university. Parallel, Kristina has been modeling since she was 13 years old.

Kseniya Strelkova, 21 years old, Perm 

Kseniya combines the responsibility of a customs officer with the energy of a DJ: Kseniya studies at the customs academy during the day and works as a DJ in the evenings. She believes that this combination is her strong point.

Laysan Tagirova, 22 years old, Kazan

‘Miss Kazan 2021’ paints portraits, is learning German and has recently taken up horse riding. Laysan dreams of opening her own coffee shop, where her paintings will be exhibited.

Anastasia Evmenenko, 19 years old, Yalta

A student of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Anastasia loves outdoor activities and an active lifestyle: boxing, golf, skiing and hiking, to name a few. She also knows how to cook a great dinner and play the piano.

Natalia Pavlova, 19 years old, Tver

Natalia is already an experienced model and was crowned ‘Miss Tver’ in 2021. She’s currently a photo posing teacher at a modeling school. In her spare time, she enjoys history, chess and wakeboarding. 

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