Russia to develop next-generation armored vehicles

Tigr [Tiger] multipurpose infantry mobility vehicles roll down St. Petersburg's Palace Square during a Victory Day military parade.

Tigr [Tiger] multipurpose infantry mobility vehicles roll down St. Petersburg's Palace Square during a Victory Day military parade.

Peter Kovalev/TASS
The Russian army is to acquire an additional batch of Tigr armored vehicles following the Syrian operation. A modified version will be publicly launched in mid-2018.

A group of Russian soldiers emerged from a Tigr armored vehicle without so much as a scratch, after it was burnt out during fighting with Islamic State in Syria. This has prompted the Russian Federation Defense Ministry to not only procure an additional batch of the vehicles, but also boost finance for the development of a new generation of the model.

"We plan to launch a next-generation Tigr next year. It will have a new body frame, enhanced load capacity, and an increased level of protection," RBTH was told by the head of the press service of the Military Industrial Company that makes the Tigr, Sergei Suvorov.

The vehicle is to get a V-shaped underchassis, more comfortable crew accommodation, and also Class 2, 3 and 4 protection.

"The manufacturers now want to install an additional 100-mm gun on the Tigr. Moreover, the vehicle can already be used as a stationary firing point with the help of the Arbalet unmanned artillery fighting module and the Kornet anti-tank missile system. In simple terms, the servicemen can leave it in its combat position, retreat to a safe distance, and fire it by remote control," Vadim Kozyulin, professor at the Academy of Military Sciences, told RBTH.

According to Kozyulin, the next task in the wake of the Syrian operation is to increase the vehicle's armored protection. "It’s already at quite a good level, but improvements can be made. The third task after the other two is to boost its engine capacity and improve the vehicle's maneuverability," the expert added.

He noted that the new version of the Tigr is to come in under the 2018-2025 state procurement program. They will be introduced gradually to replace obsolete Tigr models and Rys armored vehicles. "The number of vehicles the army will get is to be announced by the Defense Ministry after the publication of plans for the procurement of armaments and equipment for the next seven years," the analyst commented.

A 'civilian' version of the military Tigr

Tigr armored vehicles are also well known for being parked in the garages of Russian Federation Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, RBTH was told by Dmitry Safonov, a military analyst with Izvestiya newspaper.

A civilian version of the vehicle was made along the lines of the American Hummer - with a civilian rather than APC "drive" and an armored external body but without the "military-class" armored capsule.

According to media reports, the Tigr-Okhotnik costs around 14 million rubles ($245,000) on the domestic market. But, according to the head of the Military Industrial Company's press service, everything depends on the customer's wishes. "We're not going to install any weapons, but as for the rest - it can all be ordered and customized to individual requirements," Suvorov added.

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