Indians to get visa-free access to the Russian Far East

View of Vladivostok. Source: Andrey Nekrasov/Global Look Press

View of Vladivostok. Source: Andrey Nekrasov/Global Look Press

In a bid to attract tourists and business travellers, Russia has decided to waive visa requirements of citizens of 18 countries, including India. Visitors will need to register their personal details on a website before traveling to the region.

Indian citizens will soon be able to visit certain cities in the Russian Far East without a visa. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, on April 18, approved the list of 18 countries, including India, whose citizens would not need to undergo the usual procedure of obtaining a Russian visa to visit the Far East. 

Once the regime is in place, Indian citizens can register their personal information on a website to register their details.  The visa-free facility will only be applicable to select cities in the Russian Far East and will require visitors to enter the country in Vladivostok.

“We are actively forming the modern infrastructure and creating special economic regimes in the Far East”, Medvedev said. He expressed the hope that the cancellation of visas would promote growth of foreign investments and development of tourist industry in the Far East.

Visa procedures were simplified for the citizens of 18 countries including India, China, Japan, Turkey, Iran, UAE, Mexico and Singapore.

Medvedev noted that the visa-free regime was given only for citizens of those countries who were ready for a reciprocal approach with Russia.

A free port zone was created in Vladivostok in 2015. The project was intended to develop cross-border commerce and to integrate the Russian Far East with global transportation routes. The realisation of this project would have a significant economic effect on Primorye Territory and the neighbouring regions.

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