How-to 'coubs': 5 ways to ask for directions in Russian

Let Russian movies teach you how not to get lost.

Before traveling to a big Russian city be ready to say these magical phrases. This is the best way to find any place you want.

1. A library is the first place you need to find in a new city (of course). (‘Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures’, 1965)

- And what did you ask? (А вы что спросили?)
- How do I get to the library? (Как пройти в библиотеку?)
- At 3 AM! You're an idiot! (В три часа ночи. Идиот!)

2. The first thing to do when you don't know which city you are in is to ask the first person you meet. (‘Gentlemen of Fortune’, 1971)

- Young man, what town is this? (Мальчик, а это какой город?)
- Novokasimsk. (Новокасимск.)
- And where is Alibakan? (А Алибакан где?)
- Far away. 30 kilometers from here. (Далеко, 30 км отсюда.)

3. Be sure to know what you are looking for. (‘Where Nofelet is?’, 1987)

- Could you please tell me where Nofelet is? (Вы не скажете, где находится Нофелет?)
- What did you say? (Что вы сказали?)
- Please repeat. (Повторите, пожалуйста.)
- Fine, I'll ask something easier. Would you travel to the end of the world with a person you just met? (Ладно, задам вопрос полегче. Вы смогли бы с первым встречным пойти на край света?)

4. It's always better to prepare beforehand, with a map. (‘The Diamond Arm’, 1969)

- Strictly to the north, about 50 meters, is a toilet. (Строго на север порядка 50 метров расположен туалет типа "сортир".)

5. And we all know what our ultimate destination is… (Yesenin, 2005)

- Where is that street, where is that house? Where is that young lady I’m in love with? (Где эта улица, где этот дом? Где эта барышня, что я влюблен?)

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