5 YouTube channels to help you learn Russian

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Admit it - watching YouTube videos is a thing we all enjoy doing. Why not mix it up with your daunting Russian lessons?

Learning a new language, especially a hard one like Russian, is not an easy task - some might even call it a form of mental torture. But, fortunately, there are ways to make it a more pleasant and fun pastime, combining it with something you enjoy doing - like watching videos on YouTube!

If you search “learning Russian”, YouTube will offer you hundreds of videos to choose from - from lessons on grammar and vocabulary to insights and tips from native speakers and foreigners who have mastered Russian.

To get you going on that search for a perfect YouTube content that will suit your needs, we’ve came up with a list of five channels that make learning Russian seem a bit easier and fun, even if for just a few minutes.

1. RussianPod101

If you are just starting out on your journey to learn Russian, have a look at RussianPod101, an online language learning website. Here you can find short videos teaching you basic and intermediate words and phrases in Russian, develop your listening skills through short audio lessons, and even learn a bit about the country’s holidays.

2. Easy Languages

Another way to get used to hearing and speaking Russian is to listen to how common Russians speak. Easy Languages will help you do that through video public polls on city’s streets. Here you won’t only practice your listening skills but also learn quite a bit about Russians - from what they prefer to eat for breakfast to what they think is the most important thing in life.

3. Be Fluent in Russian with Fedor Shirin 

Interested in something a bit more entertaining? Check out the account of Fedor Shirin, a Russian native speaker, who seeks to help you get fluent in Russian in no time. Apart from basic conversation lessons and tips on learning the language, he also posts Russian cartoons with subtitles and does English translations of Russian songs. It’s definitely a great way to have a quick dive into Russian popular culture!

4. Easy Russian with Maria

This fresh and funny channel by Maria, a native Russian living in the U.S., has everything - engaging lessons on Russian grammar, tips on reading Russian books easy, as well as some cultural insights about the country and how it’s different to the U.S. Her videos on the Russian Alphabet are pure gold, as well as those with her adorable kids that speak Russian real s-l-o-w.

5. Bridget Barbara

Need a bit of inspiration and advice from a like-minded Russian-learner? Bridget Barbara from New York shares her experience of studying Russian on her channel and gives out some tips that helped her get fluent at it. The nightmares, challenges, and problems she encountered might make your present struggle seem a bit less daunting, plus she does speak Russian in the videos so you’ll get a bit of listening practice as well - profit!

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