20 memes about learning Russian

Yes, we know it’s a very complicated language… so it’s time to have a break and have a laugh!

1. When you are trying to find out the origins of the Russian alphabet...

2. ...and come across a theory!

3. The truth can really hurt!

4. Cyrillic alphabet logic? Here you are:

5. Think you know Russian until you face the cursive writing... 

6. Russian cursive causes mixed emotions...

7. Hiding your tears during a Russian grammar lesson

8. When you find out that there are no articles in Russian! 

9. But you know some people are really confused without them!

10. Want to say sorry in Russian? This is how NOT to do it!

11. Thanks for the translation! 

12. So, you can read Russian? Sounds interesting!

13. For many foreigners, Russian language sounds scary - and here’s why:

14. This is how to pronounce the Russian letter “Y”... 

15. What awaits a beginner:

16. How some people begin to speak Russian:

17. The most popular phrase that tourists use in Russia:

18. The key to understanding the Russian classic literature (save and share!) is...

19. Does anybody feel the same?

20. Shhh! The real reason why people learn Russian!

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