Russian Classes: Exploring traditional Russian musical instruments

Learn their names and the associated verbs and constructions!

Let’s explore traditional Russian musical instruments today. I’m sure you already know the balalaika! But what about the others?

Gusli is one of the oldest traditional Slavic instruments. It is played, among other people, by Sadko - a musician and merchant from Novgorod and a famous bylina character.

Russian accordion - or 'garmon' - is also called ‘garmoshka’.

Ratchet and wooden spoons, meanwhile, only seem easy to play! It all depends on the twist of the wrist.

In order to say "play a musical instrument", use the construction "играть + на + noun in the accusative case".

Here are some more phrases for you:

  • Я играю на пианино.
  • I play the piano.
  • Я бы хотел (хотела) научиться играть на гуслях.
  • I’d like to learn to play the gusli.
  • Мне было бы интересно попробовать поиграть на деревянных ложках.
  • I would be interested to try to play the wooden spoons.

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