12 mystical images of monks in tsarist Russia (PHOTOS)

Monks on the lake. Konevsky monastery, 1895-1905

Monks on the lake. Konevsky monastery, 1895-1905

Karl Bulla/MAMM/MDF
Old Russia was home to age-old monastic customs, almost completely wiped out by Soviet rule. But some rare archival footage remains of the old holymen and gentle nuns of pre-revolutionary Russia.
A group of monks and a schemnik at the Konevsky cell of the Konevsky Nativity monastery on the shore of Lake Ladoga, 1892
Water-carrying monk, 1900s
A schemamonk of the Dormition monastery, 1892 
Ioannikiy (Yusov), abbot of the Solovetsky monastery, with monks, 1900-1917 
Garden cleaning at the Annunciation monastery, 1895-1904
Ierofey, hegumen of the Sarov monastery, 1900s
Food preparation in the monastic kitchen at Konevsky monastery, 1900s
The picturesque campus at Ponatayevskiy monastery, 1890s

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