How the Bolsheviks planned a WORLDWIDE revolution (POSTERS)

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They honestly believed that the world would ‘sovietize’ in the end. The reality, however, proved to be much more complicated.

Having seized power in 1917, the Bolsheviks didn’t plan on stopping there. Their plans were far more ambitious than setting up a socialist system just at home: communism was to become victorious the world over.

Comrade Lenin CLEANSES the Earth of evil.

According to Marxist ideology, a revolution that began in one country would inevitably spread to others, in the end ensuring the global supremacy of the working proletariat. “The socialist revolution in Europe must come and it will,” Vladimir Lenin wrote in January 1918: “All our hopes for the final victory of socialism are based on a certainty in this forecast.”

Komintern. Proletarians of the world, unite!

The Bolsheviks actively supported revolutionary movements abroad, aiding their proletarian comrades abroad in any way possible, including through the Komintern - an international organization that unified all of the countries’ communist parties under one banner. 

Death to global imperialism.

The Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921 became the perfect chance for Moscow to sovietize Europe along with Russia. “Through the dead body of ‘white’ Poland lies the path toward a global fire. The happiness of the world’s working humanity shall be carried on bayonets! To the West!” - such was the impassioned proclamation delivered by Mikhail Tukhachevsky, commander of the Western front. 

Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Proletarians of the world, unite! The fire of the Revolution shall give rise to the Red volunteer - the scourge of the global bourgeoisie.

However, an unexpected and severe defeat incurred by the Red Army under Warsaw in August 1920 put an end both to the victory in the war and any plans to export the Revolution to Europe by way of the bayonet. Moreover, the red revolutionary forces of the world were experiencing failure elsewhere, while German, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Iranian “Soviet” republics proved to be fragile and short-lived. In addition to that, Moscow had soon realized that it could not make do without diplomatic and trade relations with Western powers.  

Proletarians of the world, unite!

From the mid-1920s, the ideas of a Global Revolution, of military aggression toward capitalist countries and open support of revolutionary movements there began to fade from the minds of Soviet command. The USSR began a more covert and delicate campaign to achieve the spread of communism.

The downtrodden populations of the colonies shall rise to fight imperialism under the banner of the proletarian revolution.
Soon the whole world shall be ours.
 Long live the communist international!
The path to October. Proletarians of the world, unite! Long live the union of worker and peasant! Toward a global revolution.
Proletarians and subjugated peoples of the world, rise to fight a war for the global October!

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