How Stalin 'entered' EVERY Soviet home (PHOTOS)

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The Soviet propaganda machine conferred upon Stalin the title of “Father of Nations” and, equally modestly, “the sun that lights up the whole country.” Like God, he had to be worshipped every single day.

Like the name of communism,

The sound of yours has become a household word.

This is what Georgian poets wrote about their compatriot Joseph Stalin. They were just one of the many authors of “Staliniana” — the body of propaganda works of art praising the mustachioed leader. Monuments were put up to him, streets, factories and cities were named in his honor, films were made about him, stories and poems written, pictures drawn... In addition to all this, Stalin graced everyday items: his image was replicated on posters, postage stamps, calendars, tablecloths and lace; busts of him stood in apartments, schools and institutions across the land.

The personality cult, which began in 1929 with the grandiose celebration of Stalin's 50th birthday, was debunked only in 1956 at the 20th Communist Party Congress. Only after that, more than 20 years later, were “Stalinist” products withdrawn from circulation. Here are some of the items that could be found in practically every Soviet home.

“Forward, comrades, to new victories!” poster, 1930

“Glory to the great Stalin” poster

“Stalin is our helmsman” poster, 1933

“Stalin takes care of each of us in the Kremlin” poster, 1940

“Beloved Stalin is the people’s happiness” poster

Azerbaijani “Oilman” carpet with portraits of Joseph Stalin and Kliment Voroshilov, 1938

Turkmen “Stalin visiting Lenin” carpet, 1936-37

Vologda lace with the same “Stalin visiting Lenin” subject

Postage stamp with the “Stalin Prize laureate” lapel badge, 1946

Postage stamp with the “For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945” medal, 1946

“All-Union parade of athletes in Moscow” postage stamp, 1946

Bust of Stalin, Leningrad Porcelain Factory (15 cm), 1949

Bust of Stalin in bronze, 1938

Bronze statuette of Stalin in an overcoat, 1938

Kasli cast-iron wall panel, 1950

Coin, 1949

Badge with Stalin...

… many badges with Stalin

Calendars with Stalin

Medals: For Victory over Germany (left) and For Valiant Labor during the Great Patriotic War

Propaganda porcelain with Stalin

Dulevo dinnerware with Stalin, 1949

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