Asia-Pacific Digest: Arab funds, Moscow-born Bali painter

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Articles and features about Arab investments in Russia, Filipino Domestic staff in Moscow, and the Valdai Club meeting in Jakarta were among the Asia-Pacific highlights of the week on

Asia deciding the fate of the world – Fyodor Lukyanov

On November 26-27, Jakarta will host a regional meeting of the Valdai Club, one of Russia's most respected intellectual platforms. In an exclusive interview, Fyodor Lukyanov, scientific director of the club, spoke to Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the meeting’s agenda.

Why Arab funds are stepping up investments in Russia

November 25, 2015 ANNA KUCHMARBTH
The sovereign investment fund of Kuwait will invest an additional $500 million in projects in Russia in partnership with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Experts say Arab sovereign funds are hedging against falling oil prices by investing in Russia.

Indonesia, Russia look to do away with the dollar

Russia has made several attempts to switch to national-currency settlements with its trading partners, including China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. RBTH looks at the implications of such a move, taking Indonesia as an example, since Jakarta supports the Russian initiative.

The Russian artist who put Bali on the world map

Walter Spies, a primitivist painter, who was born and raised in Moscow, is a celebrated figure in the artists’ haven of Ubud and is credited with attracting Western cultural figures to Balinese art and culture in the 1930s.

Moscow's Filipino Domestic Staff: No Longer An Expat Preserve 

Many Filipinos working in Moscow have professional training, but nearly all of them work in the household service sector — as cleaners, nannies, cooks or drivers. 

When Russia established diplomatic ties with Asian countries

As the Valdai Club holds a meeting dedicated to Russia's relations with Asia in Jakarta, RBTH looks at when Moscow established diplomatic relations with its Asian partners.

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