Job website publishes a vacancy for the 'President of Russia'

According to the job description, the applicant will be hired based on their results in the 2018 elections.

The website Superjob has published a job opening for the “President of Russian Federation” ahead of the 2018 elections. The candidate should be over 35, but the sex and education don’t matter, and experience is not needed. The applicant should have an active position in public life and be a patriot. Moreover, the ideal candidate for the presidency should have had Russian citizenship for at least 10 years, and should speak at least one foreign language. The future leader should also be ready for a lot of business trips. 
Job responsibilities include the signing of federal laws, international agreements, amnesties, military negotiations, and more. 

The job offer includes a personal plane, a state apartment, and dacha, a personal office with an inside view of the Kremlin and traffic-free transportation to the office. 

According to Superjob, the publishing of the President's job opening ahead of elections is a tradition for them. “We just would like to remind everyone that being President is a job, too,” they told RIA Novosti. “And millions of Russians can elect…or be elected.” 

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