Watch out for bogus ATMs during the World Cup in Russia!

Vladimir Trefilov/Sputnik
People, especially foreigners, are being warned to use official cash machines only to avoid being scammed by criminals.

The Russian public are getting pretty excited about the upcoming World Cup, so too are criminals in the country. The event is the perfect opportunity to scam foreigners, explains the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on its website.

People have been warned about fake cash machines in particular. Criminals have been known to purchase real decommissioned ATMs, install skimming devices, and then put them in public places. When someone sticks their card in, it reads their pincode and data before saying it’s out of order. Meanwhile, the fraudsters run off with the information and use it to steal money.

So, if you have any suspicions about an ATM here, it’s best to find another one. For everything you could possibly wish to know about the 2018 World Cup in Russia, click on this link.

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