Modern life like you’ve never seen it before

Anton Gudim, an illustrator from Moscow, depicts the true absurdity of modern everyday life. Tinder, Facebook, travel photos, and routine office chores are all turned into paradoxical proceedings. Dive in if you’re ready to have your world shaked...

Anton Gudim is not a very overt person. He rarely speaks in public or comments on his work. In one (link in Russian) of his few interviews, he says: “I’d rather spend my time drawing than developing my public persona.” But his images speak for themselves, and Anton works with certain restrictions he has propounded for himself: For example, he rarely uses text, and doesn’t draw comics.

Anton doesn’t have any professional training - he says his competencies are of a technical nature and aren’t connected to art at all. The drawings are not even his main source of income, so this is digital art essentially in its purest form.

Recently, his images have become so popular on the web that Anton often finds his works with deleted copyright marks, distorted or presented as somebody else’s. This irritates him as an artist, but is a sign of real viral popularity of his works.

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