TV is the best joy in life, Russians say

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Most of all in life, Russians love to watch the box - according to a poll by the Levada analytical center.

When asked “what brings you the most joy in life?” 34 percent of respondents said they love to watch TV, 26 percent to receive money, 24 percent to spend time with their kids, while another 24 percent said tasty food. After this, travel, reading books, music, and romance were the most popular. In total, 1,600 people were quized. 

The results haven’t impressed everyone though. “What a lemming you must be, if you call watching TV your favorite activity!” says online user andreas.globetrotter.

Another user nicknamed Citizen of Russia says: “Those who read books will always rule over those who watch TV. Clever ones always rule over fools.”

“I don’t even have a TV. And don’t eat at restaurants… Ok, I will somehow live without joys. Life is a very interesting thing, even without them :)”, sm59 writes.

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