Lip smacking ways to treat sunburn, Russian style

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Herbal, traditional, and alternative medicines are big in Russia, and some of these remedies are very strange indeed. Here’s a few very tasty ways people choose to soothe sunburn. Give them a try.

How to reduce the redness of sunburn?

Russians believe that sour cream, yogurt, and kefir make dry red skin soft, smooth, and subtle. Dairy products contain a lot of lactic acids, which are great not only for regenerating damaged skin but also for smoothing out wrinkles. It’s thought yogurt delivers vitamins and oxygen deep into the skin and encourages the growth of new cells. So don’t be shocked if you see a man rubbing himself in sour cream...

Which products help to relieve the pain?

People use egg whites, nettle decoction, or watermelon juice to help reduce pain from sunburn in Russia. How do they work? Each of these three remedies is packed full of minerals and proteins. They kill microbes, which produce poisons, and prevent the spread of infection. Decoction, juice, and raw egg whites should be put directly on the burn with a soft brush or bandage.

How to treat peeling and chafing skin?

Sea buckthorn oil is used by Russians for this. It protects from ultraviolet rays thanks to the high concentration of beta-carotene and antioxidants. Pore constriction and skin lightening are pleasant side effects of applying of this oil.

Which vegetables help stop itching?

According to traditional Russian medicine, fresh potatoes, carrots, and pumpkins are a blessing for pruritus skin. You can use both slices and puree of these vegetables - the natural acids will work their magic.

How to conquer swelling?

Sauerkraut isn’t only a crisp and spicy snack, it also combats edema. Cabbage is a treasury of vitamins and microelements, that reanimate the skin. Usually, Russians put some sauerkraut into a self-constructed gauze sack and leave it on a damaged part of the body for 15-20 minutes. The only problem is that you smell like cabbage afterwards.

Final Curing:

1st Method:

Dissolve one tbsp of soda in a glass of water. Dunk a piece of bandage into the mixture and then put it on the injured area. Repeating this six times in three days to help your skin reanimate after sunburn.

2nd Method:

Put a handful of oatmeal on a deep plate and pour some warm water over. Leave for half an hour. Use it as a cream for about two days every time the burn hurts.

3rd Method:

Mix ten drops of lemon juice with 100 mg of sour cream to prepare a saving mask. Set a timer after applying it. Ten minutes is a good. Now you can relax and eat some fruit like kiwi, oranges, pineapples, and strawberries, all of which are packed with vitamins. It’s an easy way both to perk up the skin on your face and to pamper yourself.

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