Siberian bursts into town in a bathtub, stopping by at McDonald’s


Tyumen-based blogger, Eduard Filippov, decided to fill a bathtub to the brim, attach it to his car, get a friend to take the wheel – and go for a spin in his underwear… not without making a grand entrance at a McDonald’s first, for some Coke and fries.

Filippov declared the stunt as a demonstration of support of gifted people hailing from the often neglected countryside.

“Many believe that, in order to realize one’s full potential, you need to get to the capital,” he told local news. “We have more than enough talented people, whose only obstacle is fear, shyness. We too are capable of awesome things!”

Sadly, the blogger and his friend were pulled over, and had to fork out a quite modest 1000 (all things considered!) rubles, which is a measly $16. The charge? ‘Improper transportation of persons.’

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