Blonde and proud: Russian gal and her cat are stars in new comics

With a sense of self-irony and large doses of laughter, an illustrator from the Ural region takes her readers on life's journey.

“Yes, I’m blonde; that is, if you ask about my hair color,” says Anastasia Ivanova, the artist behind the light and funny comics series Comicada

Comicada’s main heroine is a savvy and cheerful blonde who fends off life’s pricks with grace and irony. It’s not difficult to draw parallels between the comics’ main character and her creator, whose apparent love for cats is reflected in her art.

“This comics is not about the blonde; it is about self-irony, sarcasm, and the ability to laugh at life's difficulties, said Ivanova.

The artist prefers to be out of the spotlight, and she wishes her characters had a life of their own and weren't associated with their creator.

This is why so little is known about the comics’ author: she is blonde, she has a cat, she is from Chelyabinsk, and she has been working as an illustrator for seven years. This is pretty much it.

The blonde heroine of the comics is single, but the appearance of male (and sometimes cat-male) characters interrupts her female dominated Instagram flow from time to time. 

The rest of the time, when she is not chasing hipsters to stroke her hair, the comics heroine plays with her lovely cat, anticipates her dream holiday in France, and imbibes coffee in quantities that a doctor would find worrying.

Her fun and witty art is also a business for Ivanova. You can order her prints from this online shop.

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