5 best street photographers in Russia

Discard all your preconceptions of this art form. Street photography in Russia is so much different than what it is in Europe and the U.S.

It’s hard to find photographers who exclusively work the streets in Russia. Many fill their feed with occasional studio or documentary shots that lie far from the real street photography genre. Yet, some work hard to keep street photography alive in Russia, and the results are often startling.

1. Zalman Shklyar

Shklyar is the founder of ZS Photo Agency, which specializes in street photography. He artfully utilizes the play of light and shadows to create his work, which results in a unique style rarely found in Russian street photography.

This is how Shklyar describes the approach of his agency’s website: “I am attracted to those perspectives that are out of my current reach. If I have a vision that one or another object will look very unusual then I will do everything possible to capture this vision. The image in my head is set with lightning speed – the space, the form and the rhythm. A single moment and I am building the composition of geometric component that is interconnected with my internal aesthetics.”

Click here to see his works on Instagram.

2. Boris Nazarenko

This is Russia in all its glory. Photographer Boris Nazerenko has developed a unique vision. He makes portraits of people on the streets. His photos can be sad and funny, and are mostly shot in black and white.

Click here to see his works on Instagram.

3. Alexander Petrosyan

This photographer is not consistent in style: sometimes it’s all about color, sometimes it’s all about form, and sometimes it’s pure black and white street photography.

He mainly shoots in St. Petersburg and is a good window into the city’s day-to-day life.

Click here to see his works on Instagram.

4. Igor Gromov

Another street photographer from St. Petersburg, Igor Gromov, finds interesting forms for his shots. He does black and white, as well as color, but his black and white pictures have received the most acclaim.

“Each picture is the sealed past. A second after you press the shutter, the recorded image becomes history: it was... and it will never happen again,” said Gromov in an interview.

Click here to see his works.

5. Artem Zhitenev

Despite a limited following on Instagram, Zhitenev is known by other professional photographers as one of Russia’s most remarkable artists in the street photography genre. He shoots in vivid colors, yet his subjects vary from people to architecture to documentary shots.

Click here to see his works on Instagram.

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