A Russian twitter user listed 20 synonyms for ‘getting drunk’… but the list is endless!

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What does that really tell you about the drinking habits of Russians?

Why would anyone in their right senses and sober mind even try to list every word that describes “getting drunk”!? Maybe the author wasn’t exactly sober, after all.

But rather than ponder that, here are 20 ways he listed to “get drunk” in Russian, each with its own finely detailed description. Enjoy!

1. Bukhat’

2. Prinyat’

3. Propustit’

4. Nakatit’

5. Nazhrat’sya

6. Nabrosat’sya

7. Nalizat’sya

8. Kvasit’

9. Naglukat’sya

10. Zalit’ glaza

11. Zalozhit’ za vorotnik

12. Prinyat’ na grud’

13. Vrezat’

14. Razdavit’

15. Vzdrognut’

16. Tyapnut’

17. Ostogrammit’sya

18. Khryuknut’

19. Obmyt’

20. Uiti v zapoy

After listing the above 20 phrases, the author of the thread realized he was not even 20% into the list of the terms he had compiled in advance (possibly when drunk!).

Yet, happy twitter users eagerly picked the thread up and continued posting other variations that you can read here.

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