7 Russian beauty bloggers you should follow (VIDEOS)

Elena Krygina
Russian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world, so it’s only natural to hear how they do it. Here are some excellent vloggers you don’t need to know the language to enjoy.

1. Maria Way

This young girl is the most popular Russian vlogger on YouTube. She films hair and makeup for school, as well as breathtaking beauty transformations. This channel is for a younger audience, but everyone should check out her amazing Halloween makeup tutorial! 

2. Elena Krygina

Her makeup tutorials on YouTube get hundreds of thousands of views, leading Vogue Russia to invite her to film a series with her beauty tips for girls and talk about her main mistakes. She is also famous for her impressive face sculpting tutorial. 

3. MissAnsh

This vlogger does reviews of beauty gadgets and new products, tests everything on her own hair and face - and give tips on how to look great on a low budget. One of her extremely popular segments is comparing Aliexpress expectations & reality.

4. Koffkathecat

Easy tutorials from a professional stylist: she presents how to do makeup for beginners, as well as how to apply products on skin properly. 10 minutes and you’ll have “smokey” eyes or volume hair curls. And she will also teach you how to make up like Bella Hadid!

5. RedAutumn

Turns out, unpacking beauty boxes is so satisfying to watch! This vlogger’s most popular videos are reviewing the dos and don'ts with Aliexpress and FixPrice cosmetics, face masks and budget products. And of course - she also does a good makeup tutorial for beginners. 

6. Sonya Esman

This savvy New-York based girl with Russian roots has both English- and Russian-speaking channels. She doesn’t make tutorials, but films lots of vlogs with her favorite skin care products and gives advice about total look and outfit.

7. Juliana_an_

Low-budget doesn’t mean low-quality. That’s the logo of this vlogger. She films very short Instagram videos, frequently with no commentary and presents easy makeup for work, study or parties, using the cheapest products. She even teaches how to make lips bigger just by using makeup!

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