This Russian lady is officially the most beautiful Grandma of Europe (PHOTOS)

Yekaterina Yegina
Can you believe she is 50 and has a grandkid? No, really!

Yekaterina Yegina, 50, won the title of ‘Mrs. Grandma Europe’ at an international beauty pageant held in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of January.

She competed with 30 other ladies from different countries, including South Korea, Singapore, Ukraine, Estonia, India and many more: according to the ‘Mrs. Grandmama Universe’ contest’s terms, participants must be over 40.

But it was the Russian contestant who won the hearts of the jury with a jazz song performance and her national dress costume. And, of course, with her fantastic shape!

Yekaterina lives in Ryazan (about 200 km; 125 mi. south of Moscow) and manages a healthy food delivery system.

She is the mother of two kids and the grandmother of one grandkid.

Yekaterina likes to travel and shares lots of photos from various beaches.

And unlike the traditional babushka, she spends her free time in the gym and on the bike.

And the result is amazing! Still can’t believe she is 50, can you?

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