What to do in self-isolation? Try our BEST quizzes about Russia

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Our dozens of funny and informative Russia-related quizzes will help pass the time in self-isolation.

For true connoisseurs of Russia

These devilishly tricky quizzes for Russia addicts (and avid readers of Russia Beyond) will have your brain buzzing and your brow sweating!

Sure you know everything there is to know about Russian culture and history? Find out here: How much of a Russophile are you?

For some head-scratching questions about Russian dos, don’ts, and did-you-knows, check out True or false: How much do you know about Russians?”. By all accounts, you’re already familiar with some of the quirky traits of Russian people.

Any expert worthy of the title has to know the answer to this question: is it really as cold in Russia as everyone says? Take a look: Crazy Russian winter: How extreme can it really be? (QUIZ)

For guess-the-picture fans

No-frills-and-spills quizzes for those who prefer visual challenges to devious questions.

Can you tell the difference between Moscow and New York (not as easy as it sounds, trust us): New York or Moscow?

Somewhere across the vastness of Russia you’re bound to see things that look strangely familiar. Are you in Russia or Holland? Check it out: Russia or not? Try to guess!

Did you manage? Here’s a tougher version! Which one is Russia? Test your intuition!

Heard about how the Moscow subway looks like a palace? It’s no exaggeration. Guess if it’s Moscow’s metro or a palace.

Guess a Russian by his beard! A beard-spotter’s paradise. 

For Russian military buffs 

Let’s start with the basics. Can you guess these weapons from the photos?

The main headliner is the famous Kalashnikov Concern. Do you know what else it makes besides the legendary AK-47? What about drones and canned meat? In general, how well do you know Russia’s Kalashnikov?

Imagine that you had the chance to serve in one of the most powerful armies in the world. Yes, we’re talking about the Russian army in case you were wondering. Not so keen? Sure, life for recruits ain’t no picnic, and Russians love to tell horror stories about it. But not all of them are true, of course. True or False: Can this happen to you in the Russian Army?

For those who want to relocate to Russia

Russia can either be a wicked stepmother or a cuddly babushka — depending on how prepared you are. Are you ready to relocate to Russia?

Moscow and St Petersburg are the most popular destinations, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best cities for you. This test will help you find out: Which Russian city would suit you best?

And even after relocating, there’s a still chance something might go wrong: Would you SURVIVE in Russia?

Lastly, What EVERY foreigner should know about Russia! Your essential starter pack. 

For Russian culture lovers

We know many of you adore Russian cinema. Our quiz helps lessen the agony of choice: Which Russian movie should you watch?

Which Russian writer should you read? is for those new to the world of Russian literature or looking for another masterpiece. If Tolstoy’s characters already conquered your heart and soul, then it’s time to find out about the great man himself: How well do you know him?

How about distinguishing Russian artworks from Western chefs-d’oeuvre? Can you distinguish Russian art from Western art?

Russian food is for everyone!

Do Russians really eat this, or is someone pulling your leg?! Many have a love-hate relationship with Russian cuisine. On the one hand, it’s delicious (most of the time). On the other, sometimes it looks (and is) really weird. Take this test and find out: Real food or fake?

You know about borsch and Olivier salad, right? Good. But what else do you know? Check how well you know Russian cuisine, and find out what you need to try next. 

The Russian tsars had their own culinary preferences. Find out if you have the appetite of Ivan the Terrible or Nicholas II

We’ve saved the tastiest for last. Be warned, this quiz is VERY difficult — not so much the questions, but trying to resist the mouth-watering pics! Quiz: How well do you know Russian cakes?

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