STRIPPERS turn to delivering pizza in Russia (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

These young entrepreneurs in the city of Yakutsk lost their jobs amid the coronavirus lockdown. So they decided to ‘spice up’ the local pizza by becoming delivery girls - without losing the heels or the lingerie!

The global pandemic has affected many lives - and exotic dancers are no exception. But, despite stripclubs closing down, these women from the Sakha Republic in eastern Russia did not give up. Delivery jobs are on the rise during these trying times, so the women decided to strike a deal with the local ‘CityPizza’ chain. It didn’t take management to think too long and the ladies were happily hired.

“There aren’t too many good delivery persons on the market these days,” CityPizza director Aleksandr Skripin says. “Besides, we need to support each other in times of crisis. Whichever way you look at it, exotic dancers form a part of the small business segment.”

The decision was made not to change anything about their traditional getup of lingerie and high heels, only adding face masks and gloves. Here’s a video of one of the women working her new job:

The women aren’t in any real danger, according to the chain’s management. It’s a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius outside, and the deliveries are made exclusively by car. The drivers double as personal security. 

The city’s authorities issued a statement on these ‘raunchy’ developments: “We saw these photographs on social media, like everyone else. Presumably, all deliveries are carried out without contact and in line with Rospotrebnadzor’s (Russia’s health and safety watchdog) safety recommendations. On the surface, we don’t really see any transgressions here,” the spokesperson for the mayor of Yakutsk told ‘Govorit Moskva’ radio. “From a purely moral and ethical point of view, we aren’t entirely sure. But as far as safety goes, no rule-breaking has been registered.”

You will have to pay a small premium on these deliveries - 500 rubles ($7) extra, about the cost of getting another medium pizza. 

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