Russians react to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon launch (PICS + VIDEO)

On May 30, NASA and SpaceX launched Crew Dragon - the first commercial piloted space capsule. Russians, of course, couldn’t resist memeing the heck out of the whole thing.

“Elon Musk closely watching #SpaceX stock and his rocket right now”

Some people doubted that the launch would be a success at all...

While others imagined what the Crew Dragon launch would look like, had it been carried out by Russians.

“The Crew Dragon project cost 3 billion dollars. While our entire ‘Vostochny’ spaceport was 6” 

With the launch eventually a total success, the Roscosmos press office posited that Russian cosmonauts could soon also start flying ISS missions using Musk’s space capsules. One twitter user also suggested what such missions might look like...

And, finally, the video that achieved viral status among Russians within hours of the SpaceX launch, courtesy of deep-fake YouTuber, Nikita Kovalenko. Here, we see ‘Elon Musk’ do a perfect rendition of the iconic Soviet space-themed song, ‘The Grass Near the Home’, about the trials and tribulations of being a cosmonaut away on a mission, missing his home planet. There’s even an English translation available. 

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