American Expat builds home in Russian woods from scratch! (VIDEO)

One year of brutal DIY adventure is over and to celebrate the transformation of a long forgotten Communist dacha into a real year-round livable tiny house we have put together this anniversary episode of “This Old Russian House”.

In this series for YouTube American Expat in Russia Tim Kirby tries to put together his dream tiny house from the scraps left at an old Soviet Dacha. With his money limited he first tries to tackle everything himself till a twist of fate gives him a loyal yet disorganized brigade of two Siberian gents to help out, both of which tend to vanish at the worst of times. But at least they came back eventually. The house and land were purchased in the city of Chekhov, in Chekhov County, Moscow Region in Russia for a cost of $15,000. The entire budget of all the renovation work was $7,500 which disappeared very fast. The goal was to turn the dacha into a functioning tiny house that can be used year round with electricity and running water with the ultimate luxury in rural Russia - an indoor toilet. This show proves you can achieve a lot with iron will, zero knowhow and plenty of vodka.

For those of you who like to binge watch their favorite YouTube programs, here is a list of links to every episode of the first season of “This Old Russian House”:

Episode 1: The Beginning

Episode 2: Flooring and Suffering

Episode 3: Siding on the Side

Episode 4: Even More Siding

Episode 5: Stress Relieving Porch Demolition

Episode 6: Porch Converted to Mudroom

Episode 7: Interior Upgrade

Episode 8: Septic Tank Stank

Episode 9: The Pandemic Takes Its Toll

Episode 10: How NOT to Tile a Floor 

Episode 11: Soccer Field of Dreams

Episode 12: Fireside Chat

Episode 13: Crappy Russian House #2 Acquired

Episode 14: Drill Baby Drill… for Water!

Episode 15: Drilling Deeper!

Episode 16: Custom Furniture Build

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