30 atmospheric photos of Labor Day parades

Vladimir Akimov/Sputnik
May 1, the traditional holiday of spring and labor, is one of the most beloved in Russia. From Soviet times to the present day, mass vibrant gatherings have enlivened the main squares of Russian cities, attended by all ages.

1. May Day festival, 1947

2. Column of women athletes from the Trud (Labor) society on Red Square, 1949

3. Women take part in the procession, 1950s

4. May Day demonstration in Moscow, 1952

5. Schoolgirls at a May Day demonstration, 1952

6. May Day gathering on Red Square, 1954

7. May Day in Moscow, 1955

8. May Day demonstration. The slogan in the background reads "Brotherhood", 1950s

9. A man with his daughter at a demonstration, 1950s

10. Young people with banners and portraits of Vladimir Lenin, 1960

11. Friendship of peoples. Young people in folk costumes at a parade in central Moscow, 1950s

12. Peace. Festive Moscow, 1960

13. Demonstration in Moscow, 1960

14. Students of Moscow State University at a demonstration, 1964

15. May Day demonstration on Red Square, 1967

16. A train depot decorated for May Day in the Voronezh region, 1970s

17. Government and military leaders on the Mausoleum podium, 1975

18. May Day parade on Red Square, 1970s

19. Parade on Red Square, 1976

20. People in folk costumes celebrate May 1 in the city of Togliatti, 1981

21. Portraits of Leonid Brezhnev and Vladimir Lenin on May Day, 1981

22. “Our motto is high-quality work”, 1981

23. May Day in Togliatti, 1981

24. Children at a May Day demonstration, 1981

25. A man with a sign reading "Long live May 1" attends a gathering with his family, 1987

26. International Workers' Day in Moscow, 1987

27. Participants in a May Day march of Communist Party supporters in St. Petersburg, 2013

28. May Day procession in St. Petersburg, 2019

29. May Day demonstration by metropolitan trade unions in Moscow, 2019

30. May Day demonstration in Moscow, 2019

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