RARE and haunting images of 1930s-1950s Moscow (PHOTOS)

Emmanuil Yevzerikhin/ MAMM/MDF Collection
Empty streets, vintage cars, carefree kids, Labor Day parades and people doing sports outside. That’s Moscow through the eyes of the iconic Soviet photographer Emmanuil Yevzerikhin.

Emmanuil Yevzerikhin (1911-1984) worked as correspondent for the main Soviet news agency, TASS for many years. His masterful portrayal of Soviet life through a unique photographic method elevated him to iconic status in his lifetime. These are just some of the classical works by the photojournalist. 

1. Spring in Moscow. 1950

2. Taxi on Sverdlov Square, Moscow. 1935

(now Teatralnaya Square)

3. MSU construction at Leninskie Gory. 1949-1953

4. Dvorets Sovetov station. Moscow, 1935

(now Kropotkinskaya station)

5. Morning in the city. Moscow, 1940

6. Sports parade at the Dynamo stadium. Moscow, august 1947

7. Winter. Moscow, 1941

8. Okhotny Ryad. Moscow, 1930

9. Gorky Park. Summer Cafe. Moscow, late 1930s

10. The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. Moscow, 1939 

(now the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, or VDNKh)

11. Morning workout. 1938 

12. Files of demonstrators, May 1, 1953

An exhibition of Emmanuil Yevzerikhin’s works is on display as part of Photobiennale 2020 at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow, to last until April 5.

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