Everyday life in Soviet Moscow by Vladimir Bogdanov (PHOTOS)

This famous Soviet photographer managed to capture life in the capital as it really was once - quiet, cozy courtyards, children playing on the street, elderly people going about their day and the most everyday situations you could think of. What’s special about them is the fantastic warmth they exude!

In an old courtyard, 1970s

Dzerzhinsky Square (‘Lubyanka Square’ today), 1970s

Kosoy Lane, 1972

‘Filipok’ [a character of a Leo Tolstoy children’s tale], 1970s

Ladies walking their dogs, 1970s

‘Sokolniki’ park, 1974

Curiosity (Muscovites inspecting an American ‘Mercury’ car) 1975

Dolly (A father and daughter strolling), 1976

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 1978

‘Such is the job’ (A babushka sweeping the sidewalk on Pyatnitskaya Street), 1980s

‘Moscow of the Old’, Khokhlovsky Lane, 1980s

Ice cream man working on Gorky Street (Tverskaya Street, today), 1980s

Latest News (Babushkas chit chatting on a bench), 1980s

Inside a house on Sretensky Boulevard, 1982

‘Walking distance from the Kremlin’. Kiselny Close, 1982

‘Always onwards!’ (Kids walking a dog), 1983

Sretenka Street, 1983

The guard of honor at the Eternal Flame, Aleksandrovsky Sad, 1988

Youth on May 1, a celebration of peace and labor, 1988

Sretensky Boulevard, 1989

“They’ve turned off the water again!” (Residents cope with a burst water pipe) 1990

A line in front of a newly opened store on Gertsena Street (Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, today), 1990

School kids enjoying recess, 1990

The Red Square, 1990s

‘Based on the works of Degas’ (Ballerinas preparing), 1990s

Arbat Street, 1990

A pile of trash, 1991

Strastnoy Boulevard, 1991

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