This 2022 calendar features Russian ballerinas depicting trailer parts (PHOTOS)

Materials provided by the press service of the Krasnokamsky Machine-building Plant
The team at a machine-building factory found a beautiful (well, very beautiful) way to talk about their work.

The Krasnokamsky Russian Machine-building Plant in the Perm Region (located 1,300kilometers from Moscow) produces Expedition trailers, and it has released an eye-catching surprise for the public – a themed calendar for 2022 that features Russian ballerinas dancing in the style of contemporaries. The girls in their under garments depict various details of the trailers.

"If you use your imagination, you can see the A-shaped drawbar, rear bumper, subframe, brackets and other components of Expedition trailers in the position of the ballerinas' bodies on the pages of the calendar," the authors of the calendar said. 

Each calendar page has a QR-code that can be scanned with a smartphone and which leads to the website with a detailed description of the produced parts: how and what they are made of, the thickness of the metal, and etc.

"The industrial potential of the Perm Region and the art of the ballet seem to be incompatible and have nothing in common; but they both glorify our region to the world. The idea was realized thanks to the flexibility and strength of the Perm Ballet dancers who were able to express with their bodies how our trailers are different," said Dmitry Teplov, director of the Krasnokamsk Plant.

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