Soviet reality captured by Valentin Khukhlayev (PHOTOS)

Valentin Khukhlayev (1916-2010) worked for 50 years as the Soviet TASS news agency photographer. He visited plants, construction works, sport competitions, big festivities and parades, as well as automobile, navy and aviation shows. Here are some of his most iconic photos that reflect the spirit of time.

A young aeromodelist, 1948

Evening tea, 1949

At a factory, 1949

A motorbike race, 1951

A new store in Moscow, 1952

Sunbathing, 1953

Mayakovskaya metro station, 1953

“Everyone head to the elections”, 1954

Bandura players in Moscow, 1954

A girl with her new doll, 1956

Participants of the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students, 1957

At a bearing factory, 1958

Corn installation: “The phallic symbol of the Khrushchev era”, 1959

Car wash at the ZiL factory, 1959

A young visitor at a moto competition, 1961

Opening the summer kayaking season, 1962

Goal! 1962

Winter fishing, 1963

May Day parade in Moscow, 1963

Natalia Krivosheeva, Moscow’s motorbike champion, 1965

Parade and competition of amateur car and motorcycle constructions, 1966

Spectators at a grand automobile show in Moscow, 1966 

Spectators at an aviation show, 1971

A pioneer initiation ceremony, 1971

Labor Day celebrations on the Red Square, 1975

Before the start, 1976

Moscow at night, 1977

Navy Day, 1977

On the brink of change, 1982

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