‘Ural Airlines’ pilots save 161 lives in an emergency landing!

Gulnara Ivanova/TASS
Commercial pilots Sergey Belov and Eduard Semyonov managed to land a passenger jet in a wheat field.

Sergey Belov, 33 and Eduard Semyonov, 56, masterfully performed the emergency landing in an open field 180 kilometers outside Novosibirsk, saving the lives of 161 passengers.  

“The people are alive, the plane is a piece of iron, the captain is Lord and God”, said Ural Airlines general director Sergey Skuratov. 

Airbus A320 was traveling from Sochi to Omsk on September 12, but was suddenly forced to land due to a “hydraulic failure”, according to the ‘Izvestia’. 

Onboard were 161 passengers, including 21 children and six crew members. All managed to evacuate safely. Two of the adult passengers got away with light bruising, while another two registered a spike in blood pressure, and one passenger experienced an asthma attack. There were no serious injuries, and all the children escaped unharmed.

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