A Challenge has been thrown

The murder of Sheikh Said Chirkeisky, which recently took place in Dagestan, is Russia’s most devastating terrorist attack of the last decade. Journalist Orkhan Dzhemal talks about the fallout from the shocking murder of venerated Sufi leader.

The gravity of the murder of Sheikh Said Chirkeisky can only be comprehended by someone who is familiar with the situation in the Caucasus and understands that the aftermath of this killing will come to overshadow even the notorious Moscow metro blast.

Wahhabism or, to use the correct term, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama'at, is an alternative to the traditional Islam of Dagestan. Traditional Islam is popular mysticism that encourages faith in the blessedness of sheikhs, or, the holy people. Wahhabism refers to the Islamic Reformation, a return to the source and the cleansing of faith from layers of folklore.

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