Top 5 performances by pianist Denis Matsuev? Balalike it!

Piano genius at work

Ahead of the 40th birthday of the great Russian pianist Denis Matsuev, RBTH selected the videos of his most prominent performances.

One of Mr. Matsuev’s best known concerts took place in 2012, when he and the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia, headed by Mark Gorenstein, performed Tchaikovsky’s Piano concerto No 1.

Recently the pianist participated in a very unusual show: While floating on a board in a central Moscow pond, half a dozen men danced through the air around him on Flyboards. Enjoy the show!

Another big concert: In 2013 Denis Matsuev joined forces with the SAT Orchestra of Russia and Leonard Slatkin to perform Rachmaninoff’s 2nd and 3rd Piano Concertos.

This New Year's performance shows that even a talented and well-known musician needs practice. Matsuev was interrupted while practicing and eventually performed Rachmaninoff’s Italian Polka with his young talented fan, Roman Boldyrev.

In another New Year show, Mr. Matsuev performed the Russian traditional holiday song “V lesu rodilas yolochka” (the forest raised a Christmas tree) in a fitting cover for such a famous musician.

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