Love songs from Bravo? Balalike it!

For those who don’t think that Russian music ends with the last chord of balalaika we would like to present our audio-podcast devoted to the contemporary Russian music. It’s up to you to decide whether you like it or even... balalike it.

Bravo is a rock and roll band founded in 1983 in Moscow, Russia by guitarist Evgeny Havtan. Drawing a heavy inspiration from 1950's western music, Bravo was a part of Soviet rock and roll revival of the 1980s. The band changed 3 soloists (Janna Aguzarova, Valeriy Syutkin and Robert Lentz) during its 30 year history. Bravo's style is unique and recognizable: they stay faithful to rock-n-roll and rockabilly of the 50-60s, with elements of surf-rock, swing and new wave. Coming to you today is a selection of love songs from the band 'Bravo'. They are songs about a love that "doesn't sink in water, doesn't burn in fire," a love of Russian girls and Moscow, the best city on Earth.

Enjoy the best tracks of Bravo! 


  1. Bravo  – The best city on Earth  (Лучший город Земли)
  2. Bravo - Love doesn't sink in water, doesn't burn in fire (Любовь не тонет, любовь не горит) 
  3. Bravo – I am what you need (Я то, что надо)
  4. Bravo – Faith. Hope. Love (Вера, Надежда, Любовь)
  5. Bravo with Zhanna Aguzarova – It is snowing (Снег идет) 
  6. Bravo with Zhanna Aguzarova - I believe (Верю я)
  7. Bravo with Valeriy Syutkin - Girls, love... (Любите. девушки..)
  8. Bravo with Zhanna Aguzarova - Be with me (Будь со мной)