The charm and beauty of Russian provincial life in paintings

12 paintings showing the special beauty of the Russian provinces.
We have already made galleries showing how Moscow and St. Petersburg were viewed by famous Russian artists. But what about the provinces? / Hay-mowing, Alexei Vinetsianov, 1820s.
In the 19th and 20th centuries living close to nature was tough. Artists depicted wooden houses, bountiful nature, evening tea-drinking on the terrace, hard labor, harvesting, vast valleys, and merry flamboyant celebrations and traditions that live on to this day in the beautiful and unique Russian village. / On the boat in Abramtsevo, Vasiliy Polenov, 1880.
A village street, Fedyor Vasiliev, 1868.
A village wedding in the Tambov province, Andrei Ryabushkin, 1880.
In summer, Valentin Serov, 1895.
Rural holiday. Tver governorate, Konstantin Yuon, 1910.
In the meadow, Zinaida Serebryakova, 1912.
Village friends, Nikolai Bogdanov Belsky, 1912.
A horse-drawn troika in Uglich, Konstantin Youn, 1913.
Teacher's birthday, Nikolai Bogdanov Belsky, c. 1920.
Summer province, Boris Kustodiev, 1922.
Autumn in the province, Boris Kustodiev, 1926.

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