Massandra: A medieval-style castle once owned by the Romanov family

Vadim Razumov
Massandra Palace is a former tsarist residence and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Crimea,
Massandra Palace in Crimea, a former tsarist residence and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Crimea, looks stunning and interesting to this day.Initially the castle was owned by the Vorontsov family. The owner Semen Vorontsov was a general under Alexander III and a member of a very famous and wealthy family, close to the tsar.
Architect Maximilian Messmacher took over the construction project. His main aim was to make the castle look fabulous. He decorated it with ornaments, balconies, monuments and other architectural elements.
The park with flower gardens and alleys, built on forestland, made a wonderful addition to the ensemble.
The interiors remained largely the same. Only more doors were added, making the living rooms more accessible. There were no opulent rooms or parade halls, because the castle was used only for vacation purposes.
The castle was owned by Alexander III and then by his son, the last Russian emperor Nicolas II. Members of the imperial family often visited the castle, but never spent a night here.
A network of pipes and canals supplied the castle with heat and ventilation.
After the revolution and demise of the Romanov family, the palace was used as a health center for tuberculosis patients.
After World War II, the palace was converted into the Magarach Wine-Making and Viniculture Institute.
From 1948 it became a retreat for Soviet leaders, including Josef Stalin, Nikita Khrushev and Leonid Brezhnev.
In 1992 Massandra Palace became a museum. Visitors can admire the park, monuments and inside rooms with original furniture, artworks and porcelain.

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