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Instaweek: 7 accounts for Russian ballet lovers to follow

Who to follow to see Russian ballet in all its beauty, grandeur and sometimes pain.
By Ksenia Isaeva, RBTH
Ballet Instagram
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@bolshoi_theatre Life behind the scenes in the mecca of Russian ballet: Svetlana Zakharova getting ready for “Giselle,” work in the Bolshoi costume department, the view on the stage from light control rooms and tired ballet stars taking a break.
Ballet Instagram

@balletinsider An online magazine about Russian ballet publishes materials in both Russian and English. The texts are not the most important thing here, but the photo shoots are wonderful and this Instagram account shows them all.
Ballet Instagram

@joy.womack In 2009, at the age of 15, Joy Womack became the first American ever to be accepted into a Russian ballet company, training with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. After the high-profile internal conflict at the Bolshoi Theater in 2013, she decided to remain in Russia and a year later became a principal dancer in the Kremlin Ballet Theater. Watch a video here about a day in the life of American Bolshoi dancer Joy Womack from the “My life in Russia” series.
Ballet Instagram

@marymaryvi The Bolshoi Theater prima Maria Vinogradova shines on the stage and appears in advertisments and at fashion shoots. She often shares photos from both her professional and private life.
Ballet Instagram Maria Vinogradova’s private life is also connected with ballet. Her husband, the superstar Russian ballet dancer Ivan Vasiliev is now a well-known figure in Russia and abroad.
Ballet Instagram

@darianvolkova What would happen, if a Russian ballet dancer picked up a camera? This Instagram answers that question. The grace, charm and magic of Russian ballet though the lens of Darian Volkova.
Ballet Instagram

@ruby.tear Taking selfies and showing the occupational hazards of being a ballet hopeful, a 17 year old girl offers an inside look into the rehearsals and downtime of a student of Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

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